Sunday, February 7, 2016

Energy Research Center News

News from the AJ Clark School of Engineering
Energy Research Center News
  1. UMD-led Team Advances in SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition
    Team of students will test prototype design of a new form of transportation in which passenger-carrying pods travel through above-ground tubes at high speeds.
  2. UMD Accepted to DOE’s 2017 Solar Decathlon Competition
    A team of UMD students, faculty, and mentors will compete to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive.
  3. You’ll Never Be-Leaf What Makes up This Battery
    UMD materials scientists bake oak leaf, add sodium to cook up new large-scale battery possibility
  4. Diagnosing Better Efficiencies for Solar Cells
    New UMD imaging technique could yield more efficient solar cells
  5. Rubloff Discusses UMD Energy Storage Center and Energy Science Hot Topics
    UMD prof and center director on Electrochemical Society meeting podcast
  6. The “Warhol Batteries”

    Leite Lab advances the understanding of aluminum electrodes in all-solid-state Li-ion batteries
  7. UMD & Army Researchers Discover Salty Solution to Better, Safer Batteries
    Greatest potential uses seen in safety-critical, automotive and grid-storage applications
  8. UMERC Announces RFPs for the 2016 Graduate Student Energy Fellowships
    Proposals for the 2016 Wells and Hulka Graduate Student Fellowships will be accepted until January 14th.
  9. Hu wins 2015 Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award
    Shows "promise [for] significant and lasting impact" in nanoscience
  10. Reimagining Fuel Cells Lands UMERC Director's Technology in NATURE
    Results of Dr. Wachsman’s research highlighted in NATURE, an international weekly journal of science.