Friday, September 4, 2015

Energy Research Center News

News from the AJ Clark School of Engineering
Energy Research Center News
  1. UMD Researchers Find Nanoscale Solar Cells Have Greater Efficiency Potential Than Traditional Cells
    Can nanostructured solar cells exceed the Shockley-Queisser limit?
  2. Gates Foundations awards UMD project to address world sanitation problems
    UMD researchers receive award for the tri-generation of heat, power, and potable water from waste.
  3. University of Maryland Researchers Accept NASA Mission: Build a Better Battery for Space Exploration
    UMD researchers awarded NASA funding for advanced energy storage technology
  4. UMD National Transportation Center Awarded $4.5 Million Department of Energy Grant
    NTC@Maryland to develop technology to deliver personalized, real-time travel information to users and incentivize energy-efficient travel.
  5. Khaligh Wins Best Vehicular Electronics Paper Award for Third Time
    Khaligh and his collaborators also won this award in 2012 and 2013.
  6. New Battery Demonstrates “Sweet Spot” of Electrolyte Thickness and Composition
    Atom-scale synthesis makes highly conductive LiPON for solid-state battery
  7. Reza Ghodssi named ASME Fellow
    Ghodssi is also a Fellow of IEEE and AVS.
  8. Gabriel's sabbatical year included residencies, keynote addresses
    Professor focused work on energy market equilibirum modeling and energy security.
  9. CYC Students Learn About Sustainable Energy
    The University of Maryland Center for Young Children (CYC) Tour UMERC
  10. Transparent, Interactive Nanopaper Uses Touch to Generate Electricity
    New material described in ACS Nano, featured in Nanowerk and C&EN.