Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Energy Research Center News

News from the AJ Clark School of Engineering
Energy Research Center News
  1. Workshop on Defects in Wide Band Gap Semiconductors Sept. 23
    Abstracts due July 28
  2. Adding Lithium Boosts Transparency and Conductivity of Graphite
    New material designed to boost performance of solar cells, displays, and electronics published in Nature Communications.
  3. Munday, Hu and Collaborators’ Research on Inside Cover of Advanced Energy Materials
    Interdisciplinary collaboration leads to use of cellulose fiber paper as antireflection coating for solar cells.
  4. UMD Professors Join Fuel Cell Projects Awarded Combined $11.4M
  5. UMD Nets a DOE Award for Innovative Energy Research Projects
    Projects will help enable advances in energy production and use
  6. DOE Report Considers Potential of Thermoelastic Cooling
    Technology developed in the Clark School could power more efficient air conditioning.
  7. Wells Fellowships Support New Battery and Catalyst Technologies
    Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate students receive inaugural awards.
  8. Room To Move: Spacing Graphite Layers Makes a Better Battery Anode
    New process designed to make Na-ion batteries an effective alternative to Li-ion.
  9. Offshore Wind Energy and Reliability
    Clark School professors support the State of Maryland's efforts to establish a resilient wind farm.
  10. Using Solar Energy to Make Safer Drinking Water
    Wachsman Wins Pfeil Award for work on new photocatalyst.