Sunday, May 1, 2016

Energy Research Center News

News from the AJ Clark School of Engineering
Energy Research Center News
  1. Ingenious method enables sharper flat-panel displays at lower energy costs
    UMD-headquartered project uses nanoslits to control light
  2. NEES project shows hybrid battery/capacitor with off-the-charts cycling capacity

    Manganese oxide-coated nanowires in gel provide steady, ready power
  3. Alireza Khaligh named an IEEE Industry Applications Society Distinguished Lecturer
    Khaligh will visit local IEEE IAS chapters to speak on electric vehicle battery chargers, and on aircraft transformer rectifier units.
  4. Khaligh receives NSF Partnership for Innovation grant on electric vehicle technology
    Researchers will develop an onboard inegrated charger/converter.
  5. Hu and Munday Win Young Investigator Award
    Liangbing Hu and Jeremy Munday win the 2016 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award.
  6. UMD has Largest University Showing at 2016 ARPA-E Summit
    UMD researchers showcase transformative energy research at ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit
  7. Grad student Chuan Shi wins energy research fellowship
    Alireza Khaligh student will develop miniature power electronics converters for Smart Grids.
  8. UMD’s Anya Jones Receives Presidential Early Career Award
    Aerospace Engineering faculty member awarded U.S. government's highest honor for early-career science and engineering professionals.
  9. CREB Kicks Off its Research and Innovation Seed Grant Program
    Collaboration between UMD, NIST, and ARL facilitated by seed grant from the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries.
  10. Leite to Lead Solar Tutorial at APS Physics Conference
    In March, Professor Marina Leite will lead a tutorial session on solar cells at the largest Physics conference in the US.