Thursday, September 29, 2016

Energy Research Center News

News from the AJ Clark School of Engineering
Energy Research Center News
  1. University of Maryland Achieves First Successful Solar-Powered Helicopter Flight
    Solar Gamera Team Achieves 9-Second Solar-Powered Helicopter Flight
  2. Prof. Leite Awarded APS Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship
    Prof. Marina Leite recieves this year’s Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship from the American Physical Society.
  3. Transparent Wood: Clark School Research in the News
    ‘Cooler than glass’ windows receive international coverage
  4. Khaligh, Dusmez issued patent for power converter
    The patent is for a ZVS DC/DC converter for converting voltage between a battery and a DC link in a hybrid energy storage system.
  5. DOE Awards $1.25M to UMERC Researchers to Develop Safer, Better Batteries
    The Department of Energy awards UMD research on safer, better Lithium-ion battery technology as part of a $137 million investment in vehicle efficiency.
  6. Wood Windows are Cooler than Glass
    A study by engineers at the University of Maryland shows that natural microstructures in transparent wood are the key to lighting & insulation advantages.
  7. UMD Leads Development of Safer Water-in-Salt Electrolyte Lithium Battery
    University of Maryland and US Army Research Lab researchers are spearheading a collaboration to develop a safer and less-costly lithium battery.
  8. UMD Ph.D candidates win awards for next generation batteries and electrochemical compressor
    Research on advanced batteries and a next generation electrochemical compressor recently garnered a set of awards for three University of Maryland graduate students in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.
  9. The Blue Whirl: Clark School Research in the News
    A team of researchers in the A. James Clark School of Engineering say their discovery of a type of fire tornado they call a blue whirl could lead to beneficial new approaches in reduced carbon emissions and improved oil spill cleanup.
  10. Fourth Consecutive Win for UMD Electrochemical Society Student Chapter
    University of Maryland Electrochemical Society Students win Student Chapter Award for the fourth year in a row.