Saturday, September 24, 2016

Margaret Palmer named Ecological Society of America Fellow

By Christopher Neely

The Ecological Society of America recently announced their 2012 fellows program selections. Among them was Executive Director of the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center and UMD Entomology professor and Council on the Environment member, Margaret Palmer.

Palmer was not only elected as a Fellow this year, but she was also asked by the ESA to chair the selection committee for 2013.

According to the ESA, the program designates fellows as certain members who have made outstanding contributions to the wide range of fields served by the ESA. Palmer’s credentials include over 130 publications on restoration and ecosystem dynamics of streams and rivers, heading the development of the first comprehensive database on river and stream restoration in the United States as well as being co-editor of the SER book, Foundations of Restoration Ecology.

Most of Palmer’s current research focuses on the development of biophysical production functions for freshwater ecosystem services in a restoration context. Palmer is also chair of the international freshwater Diversitas committee.

Palmer can add her ESA Fellow selection to her trophy box, which includes being honored as an AAAS Fellow, an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow, a Lilly fellow, Distinguished Scholar Teacher, Ecological Society of America Distinguished Service Award, and University of Maryland Board of Regents Distinguished Faculty Award.