Monday, April 21, 2014


The politics and business of climate change
  1. NATIONS: Popular Brazilian environmentalist to join election campaign against president
    A popular Brazilian environmental activist has announced that she will join forces with a rival to President Dilma Rousseff in this year's presidential election campaign.
  2. TRANSPORTATION: A tiny additive may give durability to a more powerful new electric car battery
    Adding tiny particles to lithium-sulfur batteries may extend the range of electric vehicles, overcome range anxiety and unlock the full potential of renewable energy.
  3. EMISSIONS: Ethanol plant gets key EPA permit for carbon sequestration
    U.S. EPA issued a draft "Class VI" permit for the underground injection of carbon dioxide to the second-ever project this week, marking a milestone in regulations of capture and storage of the greenhouse gas.
  4. RESEARCH: Scientists develop a way to see how energy moves in potential solar cell materials
    With a new imaging technique, researchers can now watch how energy moves through materials, paving the way for more efficient solar cells and better light-emitting diodes.
  5. NEGOTIATIONS: A Latin American bloc forms to push for voluntary emission reduction goals
    PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Two former Latin American presidents yesterday said the long-entrenched global climate change negotiations need dramatic changes in order to succeed.
  6. TECHNOLOGY: GAO report points to trouble for NASA ICESat-2 satellite
    A report released yesterday by the Government Accountability Office says a NASA satellite focused on monitoring ice sheet changes is over budget and behind schedule.
  7. AUTOS: Zero-emission engine preparing for its debut
    It appears the "zero emission" engine is ready for prime time.
  8. CARBON MARKETS: Brazil seeks donated carbon credits to offset emissions-heavy World Cup
    Brazil is hoping to green one of the most carbon-intensive World Cup tournaments ever by exchanging United Nations-backed pollution credits for publicity during the event.
  9. BUSINESS: Opower markets an approach to help utilities promote energy efficiency
    As energy utilities around the world look to improve how efficiently their customers consume power, they're turning to the kind of data analysis that can personalize energy use the same way online shopping is now personalized based on what you've bought in the past.
  10. ADAPTATION: Climate change is causing turtles to change migration routes
    The critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle may be losing one of the few places left in the world it can call home -- Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica. In 2012, only 53 of its nests were counted on the park's beaches.