Saturday, August 27, 2016


The politics and business of climate change
  1. OCEANS: Obama expands Hawaiian marine monument protection
    President Obama today will dramatically expand the protection of a marine monument off the coast of Hawaii, citing climate change as one of the atolls' greatest threats.
  2. HURRICANE: Storm threatens Florida and Gulf Coast
    A potentially powerful hurricane could hit South Florida this weekend, according to forecasts.
  3. CHINA: Coal consumption drop 'a work in progress' amid health concerns
    A pair of scientific instruments on the roof of the U.S. embassy in Beijing nudged the world's largest polluter to take a hard look at itself in the mirror.
  4. AGRICULTURE: Organic vineyards threatened by climate change
    Heavy downpours in Germany's wine country are making it difficult for organic winegrowers to tend to their produce.
  5. ADAPTATION: New USGS model estimates storm impacts on coastlines
    Climate change is making it difficult for experts to predict how much damage weather events could cause on coastlines.
  6. AGRICULTURE: Can free trade stave off warming-induced crop losses?
    International trade policies could play a significant role in how much climate change will affect agricultural producers and consumers over the 21st century, new research by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) finds.
  7. CLEAN POWER PLAN: EPA pushes back comment deadline on early credit program
    U.S. EPA is giving commenters two extra months to submit their thoughts on a controversial portion of the Clean Power Plan.
  8. ADAPTATION: World population to hit 9.9B by 2050, straining resources
    The world's population is expected to keep booming in the coming decades, with projections showing the number of people on Earth could grow by 2050 to 9.9 billion over today's estimated 7.4 billion.
  9. ARCTIC: Scientists use hunters' knowledge to understand a warming ecosystem
    Henry Huntington, an Alaska-based independent researcher, sat at a table with a group of elders in 1995 to talk about beluga whales — a threatened Arctic species graced with a perpetually beatific expression.
  10. SCIENCE: Weird clouds, African aerosols and a climate mystery
    A team of NASA scientists have set up camp in Walvis Bay, Namibia, and are hunkering down to solve one of the biggest mysteries in climate science: the role of aerosol emissions.