Friday, April 29, 2016


The politics and business of climate change
  1. AUTOS: New EV owners racing back to SUVs
    Around three-quarters of hybrid and electric car owners who traded in for a new car so far this year are switching back to gasoline-powered cars, in an increase from last year.
  2. FORESTS: Malaysia's government cracks down on forest fires
    In a new effort to stem massive forest fires, Malaysia's government will take back land from fire hot spots, following a proposed amendment to its environmental protection act.
  3. FORESTS: Are insect outbreaks helping reduce forest fires?
    Insect outbreaks -- increasingly responsible for creating post-apocalyptic swaths of forest in the West -- do not add fuel to forest fires.
  4. EMISSIONS: Shell-funded group urges radical action to cut carbon
    The Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) said yesterday that radical action must be taken to avoid a 2-degree-Celsius temperature rise globally.
  5. AUTOS: Google, Uber, Lyft accelerate on self-driving cars
    A group of tech companies and automakers will work together to bring self-driving cars to American roads and advocate for safety regulations.
  6. PARIS AGREEMENT: Kerry declares carbon cuts good for Texas
    Secretary of State John Kerry told a Texas audience yesterday that last year's landmark Paris climate agreement will spur the growth of the Lone Star State's economy, ushering in a new era of clean energy.
  7. SCIENCE: Researchers find better way of predicting monsoons
    Between June and September, the rains arrive on the Indian subcontinent. Millions of farmers plant crops precisely two weeks before the monsoon's onset.
  8. FINANCE: Buffett exec laments Clean Power Plan stay
    A executive at Berkshire Hathaway Inc.'s energy unit suggested yesterday that she and her colleagues are disappointed the Supreme Court stayed U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan rule in February.
  9. POLITICS: Boxer wants to offer 'climate bonds' to citizens
    A plan introduced yesterday to finance adaptation projects with federal climate bonds might help kick-start needed infrastructure, even as it amounts to a tiny sliver of the loans available worldwide for green development, according to experts.
  10. CLEAN POWER PLAN: Colo. lawmakers turn back bill to freeze climate rule planning
    A Colorado House committee yesterday narrowly shot down a bill to halt state agency talks on the Clean Power Plan, after the Department of Public Health and Environment and about a dozen environmental advocates and clean energy business groups testified against the legislation.