Sunday, October 4, 2015


The politics and business of climate change
  1. ADVOCACY: Negotiator-activist walks from Rome to Paris to raise climate change awareness
    Yeb Saño, a former top climate negotiator from the Philippines and a climate activist, has embarked on a 930-mile walk from Rome to Paris to spread awareness about climate change.
  2. NEGOTIATIONS: ClimateWire's Friedman discusses new series examining rise of developing countries
    The evolving dynamic between developed and developing countries in the international climate negotiations is the focus of a new ClimateWire series. On today's The Cutting Edge, ClimateWire deputy editor Lisa Friedman discusses the report and explains how the changing role of developing countries in the effort to slow climate change will impact this year's Paris negotiations. Today's The Cutting Edge will air on E&ETV at 12:30 p.m. EDT.
  3. CALIFORNIA: State plots climate change rules for 2030 and beyond despite legislative setback
    California regulators yesterday unveiled new proposals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through 2030 and beyond, including a strategy for cutting petroleum use in half by 2030.
  4. NEGOTIATIONS: From the Clinton email files: 'bad boys' of climate change
    U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern took a swipe at the "bad boys" of the U.N. climate talks during the tense wee hours of the 2010 negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, new Hillary Clinton emails show.
  5. ELECTRICITY: Zambian president blames climate change for 'unprecedented' energy crisis
    Zambian President Edgar Lungu blamed global warming in part for the country's loss of jobs and lowered productivity, saying unpredictable rainfall patterns have led to an "unprecedented" power crisis.
  6. CALIFORNIA: Database shows businesses, wealthy areas hog energy in L.A.
    Commercial and industrial businesses use the most energy overall in Los Angeles County, and wealthy neighborhoods have a higher consumption rate than lower-income ones.
  7. RESEARCH: Why fatty acids floating on oceans may play a key role in fixing climate models
    When it comes to the oceans and their impacts on the climate, there are some factors that remain a gray area in state-of-the-art climate models. One such question is the importance of isoprene, a volatile gas found in trace amounts in the atmosphere that is known to be a precursor to aerosols that seed clouds and enhance the albedo effect of the planet.
  8. FOOD SECURITY: El Niño-related crop failures threaten millions of people -- Oxfam
    A new Oxfam report warns that at least 10 million of the world's poorest people will be faced with food insecurity as one of the strongest El Niño events on record causes crop failures across the world.
  9. TRANSPORTATION: Advocacy groups clash over ways to tighten truck fuel efficiency standards
    Yesterday was the last day to submit comments on a proposed federal regulation that would raise fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks, and a multibillion-dollar coalition of 36 U.S. companies made its case just under the wire.
  10. BUSINESS: Insurance chiefs applaud Bank of England for warning about climate change risks
    Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, in a speech Tuesday to insurance specialists at a black-tie reception in London, said the British and global economies are vulnerable to sharp changes in international energy market fluctuations, sudden reinvestment and damage wrought by climate change-fueled disasters.