Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The politics and business of climate change
  1. ISLANDS: When islands vanish, what happens to their sovereignty?
    If rising sea levels and other climate impacts force the residents of low-slung island countries such as Fiji and Tuvalu to flee, their nations' economic and political sovereignty will likely enter a state of legal limbo.
  2. FORESTS: Old sequoia trees begin to show drought stress
    For ecologists who study environmental adaptation, California's prolonged drought may provide valuable insights into how plants and animals will endure the warming decades to come.
  3. FINANCE: Campaigners urge consumer divestment from Australian big banks
    Last weekend, a group of climate change activists encouraged Australian consumers to divest from four major banks that are financing fossil fuel projects.
  4. SOLAR: DOE's Le, Solar Foundation's Luecke discuss falling technology prices, cost benefits for U.S. school districts
    With the cost of solar technology continuing to fall, what are the benefits to incorporating solar power in school districts throughout the United States? During today's OnPoint, Minh Le, director of the SunShot Initiative and the Solar Energy Technologies Office at the Department of Energy, and Andrea Luecke, president of the Solar Foundation, discuss new reporting on the financial benefits to U.S. school districts in incorporating solar energy technologies. Le and Luecke also discuss the rapid price evolution solar technology has undergone in the last two years. Today's OnPoint will air on E&ETV at 10 a.m. EDT.
  5. RESEARCH: Unprecedented sea-level rise could accelerate -- study
    Over the past 150 years or so, the sea level has risen an unprecedented 8 inches compared with little change at all the previous six millennia, according to a recent study.
  6. ENERGY: Europe splits on whether more energy efficiency and renewables can ease its natural gas crunch
    Europe's dependence on natural gas imports could be cut in half by adopting more robust efficiency standards and adding more renewable energy resources to Europe's power portfolio, new research sponsored by the World Resources Institute says.
  7. RESOURCES: Calif. Gov. Brown vows to put water 'front and center' on his state's agenda
    STANFORD, Calif. -- Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said he'll put a spotlight on California's water issues over the next four years at a Stanford University conference aimed at highlighting the state's water crisis and ways to improve water management nationwide.
  8. WEATHER: Most of the Earth roasted in Sept., while the U.S. stayed cool
    This year may be the hottest year on record for the planet if global temperatures continue to sizzle in the next three months.
  9. OCEANS: Man-made canals on Fla. cape accelerate damage from rising seas
    Florida's tip is eroding before the eyes of scientists, who blame man-made canals for accelerating coastal damage caused by sea-level rise.
  10. FORESTS: New satellite data suggest Brazil's drive to cut deforestation may be waning
    Monthly satellite data on forest loss in the Amazon released by a Brazilian nonprofit indicate the nation's efforts to curb deforestation are again falling short compared to the significant gains made earlier this decade.