Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The politics and business of climate change
  1. POLITICS: Liberal ads on pope's climate message target -- and irk -- Republicans
    Nearly two weeks after its release, Pope Francis' landmark environmental encyclical is showing signs it will remain in the political conversation.
  2. TRANSPORTATION: Electric bus firm gears up for major expansion
    Proterra, the American manufacturer of fully electric buses, is expanding logistically and financially in an attempt to keep up with strong demand. The company announced this morning that it has secured $55 million in new capital, $30 million in equity financing and $25 million in debt financing.
  3. FINANCE: China joins 3 countries in criticizing rich nations for falling short on climate funds
    Billions of dollars pledged by rich countries to help Brazil, China, India and South Africa reach a landmark climate change deal failed to materialize ahead of the United Nations-led climate conference in December. Rich nations pledged $100 billion a year by 2020 starting in 2010 but have fallen short of their pledges.
  4. CARBON CAPTURE: Shell seeks $1.5B in subsidies to help convert gas platform into storage project
    Energy giant Royal Dutch Shell PLC is bidding to receive $1.57 billion in subsidies from the government of the United Kingdom to revamp an unused gas platform in the North Sea and turn it into a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project.
  5. CANADA: British Columbia government takes on climate adaptation
    Staring down what's shaping up to be a dry summer in southern British Columbia, Premier Christy Clark tasked two members of her Cabinet with beginning to plan for the impacts of climate change.
  6. BUSINESS: Oil companies push back against investor climate measures
    American oil companies are using legal filings, diversionary ballot measures and counting abstentions as "no" votes to block investors from gaining the right to nominate climate experts for seats on company boards.
  7. INTERIOR: Federal report urges wildlife managers in Northeast, Midwest to prepare for climate change
    State fish and wildlife managers in the Northeast and Midwestern United States need to brace themselves for extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall and sea-level rise, according to a report published yesterday by the Department of the Interior Northeast Climate Science Center.
  8. RENEWABLE ENERGY: Ga. leads U.S. surge in first-quarter solar jobs
    A surge in solar installations in Georgia over the first three months of 2015 spurred nearly 3,000 new jobs and burnished the state's status as an emerging hot spot for clean energy in the Southeast.
  9. REGULATION: Checklist lays out legislative questions for officials weighing Clean Power Plan
    The national organization that represents state lawmakers says if states want to work together to comply with the Clean Power Plan, coordinating with legislatures will be key.
  10. SCIENCE: High CO2 levels pose severe threats to pink salmon, freshwater fish -- study
    Pink salmon are providing researchers with sobering hints to how carbon dioxide-induced acidity could affect freshwater fish species by the end of the 21st century.