Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The politics and business of climate change
  1. ECONOMICS: Emissions reductions could spark green job boom in China, U.S., E.U. -- report
    If the world sticks to current targets to limit climate change, 1 million new green jobs will be created in the United States, China and the European Union by 2030, according to scientists.
  2. NATIONS: Renewables help Germany's emissions fall after years of increases
    After three years of rising emissions, Germany's greenhouse gas emissions fell in 2014. The environment ministry attributes the reductions to a mild winter and renewable energy growth in the country.
  3. RESEARCH: Satellites show planet getting greener despite mass deforestation
    Despite mass deforestation in Brazil and Indonesia, the world has actually become greener, according to satellite data analyzed by scientists at the University of New South Wales.
  4. REGULATION: 18 attorneys general slam EPA in letter calling for end to Clean Power Plan
    After U.S. EPA missed a deadline for adopting regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell called for the EPA regulations to be scrapped.
  5. RESOURCES: Aspen forests face major die-off in a changed climate -- study
    Aspen forests will struggle to survive as climate change progresses, a new study has found.
  6. AGRICULTURE: USDA-backed study aims to power dairy farms for decades with methane from manure
    Dartmouth University and the University of Maryland have teamed up to study the conversion of methane gas from cow manure into electricity on Vermont and New York dairy farms.
  7. ADAPTATION: Miami Beach 'rising' to challenge of encroaching seas
    In Miami Beach, Fla., flooding is not unusual. Vehicle owners are accustomed to salt water getting into their cars, corroding the metal, and getting stuck in traffic when floods turn streets into shallow canals. To cope with the sea-level-rise-related flooding, the city is changing its coastline.
  8. EMISSIONS: Methane leaks from gas distribution network are far below EPA estimates, study says
    Leaks of methane, a potent greenhouse gas and the primary component of natural gas, from pipelines and distribution centers are less than the federal government currently estimates, according to a new study.
  9. POLICY: The social cost of man's carbon dioxide -- measuring the unmeasurable?
    Typically, political debates on the merits and pitfalls of regulating greenhouse gas emissions cater to the far edges of America's ideology spectrum, while climate talks viewed through economic lenses focus on what data should be included in the latest simulation modeling global climate change and what should be left out.
  10. RISK: Feds should buy homes before floods to prevent climate damage -- report
    Homeowners threatened by severe flooding should be given a promise that their house will be purchased by taxpayers after the next storm, an environmental organization proposed today.