Friday, December 19, 2014


The politics and business of climate change
  1. MARKETS: Calif. approves move toward adding first farming offset to cap and trade
    California's Air Resources Board yesterday gave initial approval to a proposal that would let rice farmers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and sell credits in the state's carbon cap-and-trade market.
  2. RESEARCH: First data from space explore the mystery of where man-made CO2 ends up
    SAN FRANCISCO -- The first results from NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) satellite, which watches the world breathe, showed unexpectedly high releases of CO2, partly from biomass burning, above northern Australia, southern Africa and eastern Brazil over the past five weeks.
  3. ADAPTATION: In Australia, aboriginal know-how could trigger climate solutions
    William Enoch, an Australian aborigine from the country's northeast province of Queensland, says he doesn't need to read a report from U.N. experts to know that the country's climate is changing.
  4. SPECIES: By blocking creeks and rivers, beavers are generating heat-trapping gas
    Beavers are contributing to rising greenhouse gas emissions by building dams that create standing water and release an estimated 800 million kilograms -- or 1.8 billion pounds -- of methane gas, scientists have found.
  5. CLIMATE: Greenwire's Northey previews impact of Honorable confirmation on FERC's reliability discussions
    With the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission slated to hold a series of technical conferences on the Clean Power Plan early next year, how will the addition of Colette Honorable to the commission impact the reliability debate on the rule? On today's The Cutting Edge, Greenwire reporter Hannah Northey previews the dynamic year ahead for FERC. She also explains how Chris Smith's confirmation to the Department of Energy will influence the liquefied natural gas exports discussion. Today's The Cutting Edge will air on E&ETV at 12:30 p.m. EST.
  6. FOSSIL FUELS: Urban methane leaks from natural gas pipelines pose climate hazard
    Cities across the United States are starting to become more aware of a hidden source of greenhouse gas emissions: methane leaks from natural gas distribution pipelines. Methane is a main component of natural gas.
  7. NATIONS: Rwanda fills in missing weather data to make better forecasts
    Rwanda is improving its ability to forecast natural disasters with a new climate data set.
  8. ARCTIC: New NASA research highlights side effect of melting Arctic ice
    The amount of solar radiation being absorbed by the Arctic has jumped since 2000, worsening ice melt in the stressed region, according to new research from NASA.
  9. ELECTRICITY: Europe will struggle to cope with decline of its nuclear plants -- study
    Europe is likely to succeed in dealing with sharply diminishing nuclear power generation by curbing electricity demand, raising efficiency, strengthening grids and increasing renewable energy production, a study by HSBC said.
  10. NATIONS: Globe's CO2 emissions grow, but rate of growth falls while economic activities rise -- study
    Carbon dioxide emissions grew at a slower pace in 2013 than over the past decade, according to a new report. In 2012, the growth rate was 2 percent, down from the 3.8 percent average recorded over the past decade.