Thursday, September 3, 2015


The politics and business of climate change
  1. FINANCE: Calif. electricity rate shakeup could 'jeopardize' solar collateral market
    Last month, the California Public Utilities Commission overhauled the electricity rate structure for all residential customers of three top power companies in the state -- Pacific Gas and Electric Co., San Diego Gas & Electric Co. and Southern California Edison Co.
  2. BUSINESS: Monsanto subsidiary sells its crop insurance business
    A subsidiary of Monsanto Co. specializing in agricultural data is selling its crop insurance business to AmTrust North America.
  3. RELIGION: Va. bishop urges Catholics to act on pope's encyclical
    A Roman Catholic bishop called on Catholics on Tuesday to learn about what is happening to the Earth from scientific literature and act on it based on the tenets of their faith.
  4. NEGOTIATIONS: Australia has rejected tools needed to meet its GHG targets -- study
    Australia will miss its Paris climate change emissions reductions target -- by a lot.
  5. EXTREME WEATHER: Wildfire-prone Southern Calif. hit with heat wave
    Southern California is in the grip of its second heat wave this month, and the spell of hot weather brings with it increased risk of wildfires -- which are already burning across the state.
  6. DROUGHT: 33 nations could face 'extremely high' water risk by 2040 -- report
    New rankings from the World Resources Institute show the regions where water will come under the largest stress as temperatures rise, precipitation patterns change and populations grow in the coming decades.
  7. FINANCE: Support builds for climate risk insurance to help poorer nations in Paris talks
    Climate risk insurance can play a key role in helping vulnerable countries build a resilience to extreme weather events, according to a new report that calls for the United States and other nations to give such programs a boost.
  8. FORESTS: Alaska's massive Tongass forest will remain the 'champ' at storing CO2 -- study
    The Earth's largest remaining temperate rainforest, the Tongass National Forest, located in southeast Alaska, may weather the effects of climate change better than other rainforest regions along the Pacific Coast, according to research published in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences.
  9. EXTREME WEATHER: Tropical Storm Erika spins into a drought-baked part of the Caribbean
    Late yesterday afternoon, it looked like Erika, the fifth tropical storm of the season to arise from the Atlantic Basin, was advancing, if unsteadily, in the general direction of South Florida. If the storm musters strength as it approaches the mainland, it could become the first hurricane to make landfall this season, as the United States marks the 10th anniversary of the devastating Hurricane Katrina.
  10. SECURITY: Russia's growing military operations signal new Arctic 'ice curtain' -- report
    Russia has developed an "anti-access" presence in the Arctic in the past year with a stronger military presence, a push for more territory, and nationalist rhetoric, a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies notes.