Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The politics and business of climate change
  1. NEGOTIATIONS: Maldives: Paris deal must give islands a 'sense of security'
    More than 25 years ago, the Indian Ocean archipelago nation of the Maldives foresaw the devastating consequences global warming held for it and other islands, and decided that banding together within the United Nations was the best way to form the political clout needed to save themselves from extinction.
  2. BUSINESS: Climate knowledge may give job candidates a leg up in hiring process
    Knowledge of climate change adaptation strategies could be a key skill for job seekers as businesses struggle to stay afloat under changing climate conditions, according to various professional associations.
  3. PEOPLE: Former IPCC chief indicted on sexual harassment charges
    Rajendra Pachauri, the former head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has been indicted on sexual harassment charges against a co-worker after an internal investigation was launched by the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).
  4. CLEAN POWER PLAN: EIA report, NACAA 'menu' of carbon-cutting options spur more cost, reliability fights
    In a big news week for the Clean Power Plan, the National Association of Clean Air Agencies released its "menu of options" for states weighing carbon-cutting strategies, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration came out with an analysis that shows coal retirements could more than double if the draft rule is implemented.
  5. EMISSIONS: China's carbon offsets called ineffective as country readies cap-and-trade program
    As China prepares to launch what will be the world's largest carbon market next year, some observers say seven pilot carbon offset programs designed to test if cap and trade could cut China's carbon profile are making little to no reduction in the country's carbon emissions.
  6. EXTREME WEATHER: Flooding devastates swaths of Okla., Texas
    Over the weekend, heavy rain, winds and flooding across Oklahoma and Texas resulted in the deaths of three people and displaced hundreds. Experts expect more rain this week.
  7. TRANSPORTATION: Majority of automakers 'backslid' in 2015, released less efficient models -- report
    Car manufacturers, required to meet fuel efficiency targets that ramp up each year, can sharply improve their fleets' performance with the debut of entirely new vehicles, rather than through incrementally tweaking old vehicles.
  8. REGULATION: Cities play critical -- but unclear -- role in EPA's Clean Power Plan
    There's no question that when it comes to complying with U.S. EPA's looming regulations requiring the power sector to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent, cities will need to play a major role.
  9. FORESTS: Climate change spells big trouble for tall trees like Calif. redwoods -- study
    A well-known scientific principle describing how water moves through plants can help explain why trees may struggle to survive as the planet warms, scientists say in a new study.
  10. POLITICS: Former state energy regulator vows to fight Clean Power Plan from inside Congress
    While Republicans in Congress strategize about how to gut carbon regulations for power plants, at least one among them has had some direct exposure to the critical choices states will have to make if U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan moves forward.