Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Name College/Department Research Interests
Ahmet Aydilek

Environmental Engineering

Geoenvironmental Engineering
Gregory Baecher Engineering Water resources policy, risk analysis
Jennifer Becker AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Improved management and reuse of agricultural, municipal, and industrial residuals; bioremediation of chlorinated organic groundwater contaminants
Charon Birkett CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Variations in lake level height for large water bodies around the world for water resources, irrigation potential and crop production considerations
Russell Brinsfield AGNR/Wye Research Center Water quality and the environment
Mark Carroll AGNR/Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Water Quality
Victoria Chanse AGNR/Plant Sciences&Landscape Architecture Civic engagement approaches to watershed planning, stormwater design and sea level change; transdisciplinary action research; community design; environmental justice
Allen Davis Engineering Storm water management, water chemistry
Gary Felton AGNR/ENST Water quality, ground water hydrology, urban nutrient management
Joanna Goger AGNR/ENST Environmental Policy and Law; Water: science,ethics and law
Kenneth Harrison CMNS/ESSIC Uncertainty modeling, decision-making under uncertainty, and software development, with application to the management of environmental and water resources
Mohamad Hejazi JGCRI Global hydrologic modeling, global and regional sectoral water demand models, separating the effect of climate change, human activities, and climate policies on hydrology, and the value of information (e.g. weather and climate forecasts) to human decisions (e.g., farmers, reservoir operators).
Cesar Izaurralde BSOS/Geography/JGCRI Agronomy, soil science, and ecosystem modeling; developing robust modeling methods for evaluating the impacts of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems and water resources
Bruce James AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Aquatic chemistry of soils and its application to environmental quality
Stephanie Lansing AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Ecological waste treatment systems; Treatment wetlands
Wanda Y. MacLachlan AGNR Maryland Master Naturalist Program, Bay-Wise landscape management, environmentally sound lawn care & landscape maintenance, water conservation
Joshua McGrath AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Water quality, nutrient management
Baoxia Mi Engineering Physicochemical/biological processes with emphases on advanced membrane processes and nanotechnology to address critical issues in water sustainability, public health protection, and renewable energy production
Fernando Wilhelm-Miralles CMNS/AOSC/ESSIC Hydrology, water resources, climate interactions specifically pertaining to vegetative ecosystems
Hubert Montas Engineering Bioenvironmental and water resources engineering, numerical methods in environmental biodynamics, transport modeling, information and decision support systems
David Newburn AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Environmental and Resource Economics, Land Economics, Water Resource Economics, Spatial Modeling
Karen Prestegaard CMNS/Geology Hydrologic consequences of climate change
Martin Rabenhorst AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Wetlands/soils
Eugene Rasmusson AOSC El Nino-Southern Oscillation phenomenon, climate change and variability, coupled ocean-atmosphere interactions on the tropics and the nature and variability of the global hydrological cycle
Norm Rosenberg JGCRI Impacts of climatic variability and potential change on water resources, agriculture and unmanaged ecosystems
Amy Sapkota School Public Health Microbiology, food and waterborne disease
Adel Shirmohammadi AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Bioenvironmental and water resources engineering, water quality and transport modeling, and nonpoint source pollution assessment using an integrated watershed approach
Kenneth Staver AGNR Ecohydrology, watershed nutrient transport processes; groundwater nitrate; nitrogen cycling; upland placement of Chesapeake Bay dredge material, nitrate uptake by native grasses in riparian buffers; biofuel potential of switchgrass; alternative fuel
Allison Thomson JGCRI Climate change and land use, using modeling to understand agricultural, soil and water resources in the context of a changing climate and human activities
Alba Torrents Engineering Water chemistry, organic pollutants
In-Young Yeo BSOS/Geography Environmental quality and public health, land use dynamics, water quality