Thursday, October 27, 2016




Name College/Department Research Interests
Ahmet Aydilek

Environmental Engineering

Geoenvironmental Engineering
Carl Bovill

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Sustainable Design
Sidney Brower

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Environment-behavior, urban planning and design
Erve Chambers BSOS/Anthropology Heritage resource management, urban and regional development
Victoria Chanse AGNR/Plant Sciences&Landscape Architecture Civic engagement approaches to watershed planning, stormwater design and sea level change; transdisciplinary action research; community design; environmental justice
Frank Coale AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Land Management and Conservation, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management
David Cronrath School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation post-Katrina restoration, sustainable design
Qingin Cui Engineering Renewable energy development and design, carbon management in infrastructure projects, green contracting in transportation projects
Evan Ellicott BSOS/Geographical Sciences Fire ecology and consequences of a changing climate; Land cover and land use change, in particular the interrelationships with climate and sustainability;
Bill Fagan CMNS/Biology Conservation, extinction risk
Martha Geores BSOS/Geography Sustainability of social and cultural systems in the face of local and global economic and environmental change
Cerruti Hooks AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Sustainable agriculture
Klaus Hubacek BSOS/Geography Resource management and governance and sustainable consumption and production; carbon emissions in trade
George Hurtt BSOS/Geography
Ecological theory and its applications; Terrestrial ecosystems, carbon, and biodiversity; Dynamics and consequences of land-use, land-cover, and climate change; Integrated models and observations of coupled natural-human systems; Sustainability science
Patrick Kangas AGNR/ENST Tropical conservation and sustainable development
Jungho Kim Engineering Sustainable energy, building energy research
Scott Lupin VPAA - Environmental Safety Development of the campus sustainability program and environmental management
David Myers AGNR/Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Green infrastructure, sustainable design and planning, forest conservation
Ronald Myers AGNR/UM Extension Sustainable production, agriculture
Margaret Palmer CMNS/Entomology, SESYNC Stream ecosystem and restoration science
Christina Prell BSOS/Sociology How social networks influence sustainable environmental practice
Gary Rubloff Engineering Nanostructures for Electrical Energy Storage (NEES), enable new, green solutions to energy storage in smaller, lighter packages
Jack Sullivan AGNR/Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Sustainable urban design
Alfred Tetrault School of Architecture Urban and Environmental Planning
Sean Williamson Engineering Climate, energy, sustainability
Raymond Weil AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Sustainable cropping, soil management for food security
Irini Zhupa

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Architectural design