Thursday, October 27, 2016



Name College/Department Research Interests
Anna Alberini BSOS/Economics Adaptation to climate change, environmental economics
Isabella Alcaniz BSOS/Government and Politics Globalization, energy, science, the environment, and multilateral security in the developing world
Gregory Baecher Engineering Water resources policy, risk analysis
John Bertot College of Information Studies Information and telecommunications policy; e-government; planning and evaluating library services, with an emphasis on networked services; public library use of and involvement with the internet
Bonnie Braun School Public Health Health and food security, health and policy
Herman Daly School Public Policy Environmental Policy, Steady-State Economics, Development
Chengri Ding Center for Smart Growth Urban economics and policy, urban and land studies
James Edmonds School Public Policy/JGCRI Long-term, global, energy, economy, and climate change
Steve Fetter School Public Policy Climate change and carbon-free energy supply, nuclear energy and effects of radiation
Kurt Finsterbusch BSOS/Sociology/ENSP Society and environmental issues, Social Impact Assessment, the Sociology of Development, and Environmental Sociology
Dana Fisher BSOS/Sociology as part of the Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks(COMPON) project; Lead Investigator of "Understanding the Dynamic Connections Among Stewardship, Land Cover, and Ecosystem Services in New York City's Urban Forest”, director of Center for Society and the Environment
Christopher Foreman School Public Policy Environmental justice
Jaques Gansler School Public Policy National Security, Globalization, Supply-Chain Management, Government Acquisition, Advanced Technology, Public-Private Partnerships, Competition, Defense Industry, Information Systems, DOD Management
Elisabeth Gilmore School Public Policy Quantifying the costs and environmental attributes of energy and transportation technologies and policies for decision making
James Gimpel BSOS/Government and Politics Human dimensions, global change
Joanna Goger AGNR/ENST Environmental Policy and Law; Water: science,ethics and law
Raymond Guiteras BSOS/Economics Environmental economics, impact of climate change on Indian agriculture, the benefits of a sanitation program in India, impacts of climate change-induced changes in flood patterns in Bangladesh
Reginal Harrell AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Director NE regional Aquaculture Center, environmental and bioethics
Christopher Hanson School of Journalism Focusing on topics such as presidential politics, Congress, the environment
Mohamad Hejazi JGCRI Global hydrologic modeling, global and regional sectoral water demand models, separating the effect of climate change, human activities, and climate policies on hydrology, and the value of information (e.g. weather and climate forecasts) to human decisions (e.g., farmers, reservoir operators).
Jorge Holzer AGNR/Resource Economics Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
Nathan Hultman School Public Policy/JGCRI Climate science and policy, low carbon energy technology
Anthony Janetos JGCRI Scientific assessment in the policymaking process; Understanding  the scientific, environmental, economic, and policy linkages among the major global environmental issues
Gerrit Knaap ARCH/Center for Smart Growth Environmental policy, smart growth
Sarah Lane AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Environmental Policy and Science Interface, Innovative Technology for Environmental Restoration
Howard Leathers AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Environmental economics; food sources;  population
Erik Lichtenberg AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Environmental and resource economics;  land use policy
Ramon Lopez AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Public policy, rural policy and the environment, sustainable development
Lori Lynch AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Environmental and Agricultural Policy

Elizabeth Malone

JGCRI Policy-relevant social science research in global change issues; developing structured methods for analyzing country, sector, and local vulnerabilities to climate change
Robert Nelson School Public Policy Public land management and policy, urban land policy
David Newburn AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Environmental and Resource Economics, Land Economics, Water Resource Economics, Spatial Modeling
Wallace Oates BSOS/Economics Environmental economics and policy
Lars Olson AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
Thomas Schelling ECON Nuclear proliferation, terrorism, organized crime, energy & environmental policy, climate change
Robert Sprinkle School Public Policy Environmental policy, biosecurity
Robert Tjaden AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Environmental and Natural Resource Policy
Charles Towe AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Economics of land use, land valuation
Roberton Williams III AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Environmental economics, applications to climate, local air pollution, transportation and energy policy
Sacoby Wilson School Public Health Environmental justice, pollution and health issues for underserved populations, environmental health disparities