Saturday, October 22, 2016



Name College/Department Research Interests
Linda Aldoory Behavioral and Community Health Health communication, risk communication, health literacy, health campaigns, media effects, food safety, public health, women and media 
Dina Borzekowski Behavioral and Community Health Health communication, evaluation, media, children, adolescents, Internet, television, messages
Bill Bowerman AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Use of birds to indicate the health of the environment
Bonnie Braun School Public Health Health and food security, health and policy
Amy Brown CMNS/Entomology Pesticides, human health
Rita Colwell CMNS/UMIACS Global infectious diseases, water, and health
Maureen Cropper BSOS/Economics Dr. Cropper's research has focused on valuing environmental amenities (especially environmental health effects), on the discounting of future health benefits, and on the tradeoffs implicit in environmental regulations. Her current research focuses on energy efficiency in India, on the impact of climate change on migration, and on the benefits of collective action in pandemic flu control.
Daniel Fisher AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Dr. Fisher has over thirty years of experience in aquatic toxicology and the study of environmental impacts of contaminants.He has been the Principal Investigator or Co-PI for research grants and contracts in the following areas: aquatic toxicological studies in both the laboratory and field involving sediments, single compounds, mixtures, effluents and storm water runoff; ecological risk assessments involving the development of water quality criteria for numerous compounds; and continuous versus intermittent toxicity of chemicals. Dr. Fisher’s recent work has been in the assessment of possible endocrine disruptive effects of land applied poultry litter and the development of antibiotic resistance in Eastern Shore streams from poultry litter and biosolids application.
Scott Glenn AGNR/Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Environmental impact of herbicides
Robert Gold School Public Health Health education and promotion
Muhuiddin Haider School Public Health He has developed expertise in the areas of health communications, health promotion, health education, and social marketing, health policy and assessment. His research into strategies of behavior change, application of social marketing tools and communications capacity building has led to several acclaimed publications. He has led major public health projects in several countries in Africa and Asia, for which he utilized technical skills to stimulate innovative and culturally sensitive approaches grounded in organizational and technical soundness.
Anwar Huq CMNS/Biology Microbial ecology, waterborne pathogens
John Lea-Cox AGNR/Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Irrigation, sustainability for stormwater mitigation, water, nutrient and crop health management
Kenneth Leonard Agriculture and Resource Economics Health economics, development economics, choice under uncertainty, social learning, rural Africa
Mei-Ling Ting Lee School Public Health Epidemiology and biostatistics
Karen Lips CMNS/Biology Ecology, disease biology, Global Change
Baoxia Mi Engineering Physicochemical/biological processes with emphases on advanced membrane processes and nanotechnology to address critical issues in water sustainability, public health protection, and renewable energy production
Shirley Ann Micallef School Public Health Microbiology and food safety
Donald Milton School Public Health Aerosols and disease transmission
Mary Ann Ottinger AGNR/Animal and Avian Sciences/MEES Environmental chemicals and biology
Robin Puett MPRC, Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health Air pollution exposures related to health outcomes, spatially distributed exposures, assessed via GIS, related to health outcomes 
Raymond St. Leger CMNS/Biology Pathogens, pest control
Amir Sapkota School Public Health Climate Change and respiratory health
Amy Sapkota School Public Health Microbiology, food and waterborne disease
Alba Torrents Engineering Water chemistry, organic pollutants
Paul Turner School Public Health/MIAEH development and implementation of sustainable interventions to restrict exposure in the most vulnerable groups; (e) understanding of global climate change models and their impact on changing world patterns and levels of toxin exposure.
Sacoby Wilson School Public Health Environmental justice, pollution and health issues for underserved populations, environmental health disparities
In-Young Yeo BSOS/Geography Environmental quality and public health, land use dynamics, water quality
Yun Zhou CISSM, Public Policy Nuclear material safety under dry storage, human health risk assessment, ecosystem dynamics, biodiversity, energy policy, nuclear non-proliferation, climate change