Friday, October 9, 2015




Name College/Department Research Interests
Bonnie Braun School Public Health Health and food security, health and policy
Charon Birkett CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Variations in lake level height for large water bodies around the world for water resources, irrigation potential and crop production considerations
Raymond Guiteras BSOS/Economics Environmental economics, impact of climate change on Indian agriculture, the benefits of a sanitation program in India, impacts of climate change-induced changes in flood patterns in Bangladesh
Cerruti Hooks AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Sustainable agriculture
Howard Leathers AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Environmental economics; food sources;  population
Shirley Ann Micallef School Public Health Microbiology and food safety
Ronald Myers AGNR/UM Extension Sustainable production, agriculture
Norm Rosenberg JGCRI Impacts of climatic variability and potential change on water resources, agriculture and unmanaged ecosystems
Amy Sapkota School Public Health Microbiology, food and waterborne disease
Jana Vandergoot School of Architecture Food systems, forestry practice, urban ecological networks
Raymond Weil AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Sustainable cropping, soil management for food security