Sunday, September 25, 2016



Name College/Department Research Interests
Andrew Baldwin AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Sea level rise and coastal wetlands
Ralph Dubayah BSOS/Geography

Carbon modeling, remote sensing, biodiversity and habitats

William Emanuel JGCRI Carbon cycle and ecosystems research, sensitivity of terrestrial ecosystem distributions to potential climatic change
Keryn Gedan CMNS/Biology Conservation biology
Dan Gruner CMNS/Entomology Regulation of interacting species and maintenance of biodiversity in ecological communities
Matthew Hansen BSOS/Geography Remote Sensing; land cover, land use changes, carbon, climate modeling, deforestation and biodiversity changes
Reginal Harrell AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology environmental aquaculture and bioethics
George Hurtt BSOS/Geography Ecological theory and its applications; Terrestrial ecosystems, carbon, and biodiversity; Dynamics and consequences of land-use, land-cover, and climate change; Integrated models and observations of coupled natural-human systems; Sustainability science
David Inouye CMNS/Biology/MEES Sustainable Development & Conservation Biology
Cesar Izaurralde BSOS/Geography/JGCRI Agronomy, soil science, and ecosystem modeling; developing robust modeling methods for evaluating the impacts of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems and water resources
Patrick Kangas Environmental Science and Technology Systems ecology, design and operation of constructed ecosystems especially microcosms, mesocosms and living machines, tropical conservation and sustainable development, self organization in living and non-living systems
Tatiana Loboda BSOS/Geography Land use/land cover changes on wildlife/humans, climate change on Arctic ecosystems
Kenneth McConnell AGNR/Agriculture and Resource Economics Valuing environmental resources; fisheries economics
Charlie Mitter CMNS/Entomology Diversity of herbivorous insects and their interactions with plants
Fredrika Moser MD Sea Grant economic and environmental health in our marine, coastal, estuarine, and watershed regions, with a particular emphasis on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay
Bahram Momen AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Effects of Air pollution and Climate Change on Ecosystems
Jennifer Murrow Environmental Science and Policy Wildlife Ecology and Management
Raghu Murtugudde CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Ocean’s role in climate, marine ecosystem, impact of climate on human health
Brian Needelman AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Climate change and coastal habitats, GHG balances
Maile Neel CMNS/Entomology Understand patterns of biological diversity
Edward Orlando AGNR/Animal and Avian Sciences How the environment affects development and reproduction in fish
Margaret Palmer CMNS/Entomology/SESYNC Stream ecosystem and restoration science
Michael Paolisso BSOS/Anthropology/MEES Climate change, ecosystem restoration (Chesapeake Bay)
Ken Paynter CMNS/MEES Physiological and ecological processes associated with life in the estuary
Peter Potapov BSOS/Geography Remote Sensing; Forest degradation
Martin Rabenhorst AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Wetlands/Soils
Marjorie Reaka CMNS/Biology Coral reefs, biogeography
Norm Rosenberg JGCRI

Impacts of climatic variability and potential change on water resources, agriculture and unmanaged ecosystems

Kenneth Staver AGNR

Ecohydrology; watershed nutrient transport processes; groundwater nitrate; cover crops; phosphorus budgets; nitrogen cycling; upland placement of Chesapeake Bay dredge material; nitrate uptake by native grasses in riparian buffers; biofuel potential of switchgrass; alternative fuel

David Tilley Engineering

Ultralite Green Roof Design, Ecological Engineering Design, Wetland Hyperspectral Radiometry, Ecosystem Filtration of Air Pollutants, Net Energy Analysis of Bio-fuels, Environmental Accounting of Ecosystem Services, Energy Analysis, Industrial Ecology

Donald Webster AGNR/UM Extension/Wye Research Center Aquaculture policy, pond management
Gerald Wilkinson CMNS/Biology

Behavioral ecology

Keith Yearwood BSOS/ENSP/Geography

Marine and Coastal Management