Wednesday, October 26, 2016



Name   College/Department Research Interests
Robert  Adler CMNS/ESSIC Analysis of precipitation observations from space on global and regional scales using Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM) data along with data from other satellites
Anna Alberini Agriculture and Resource Economics
Phil Arkin CMNS/ESSIC Climate Variability and Change, global precipitation
Andrew Baldwin AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Sea level rise and coastal wetlands
Lint Barrage AGNR/Resource Economics Environmental Economics; Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
Hugo Berbery CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Water and energy budgets, land surface-atmosphere interactions
Giovanni Baiocchi BSOS/Geographical Sciences Drivers, trends, and mitigation of climate change
Neil Blough CMNS/Chemistry Environmental photochemistry, carbon cycling
Kaye Brubaker Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Hydrology and Hydroclimatology
  • Computer models
  • Remotely-sensed data (satellite multispectral, airborne LiDAR, ground-based radar)
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Theory of space-time random fields
Antonio Busalacchi CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences/ESSIC Climate variability and prediction, tropical ocean modeling, ocean remote sensing, and data assimilation
Philip Candela CMNS/Geology Environmental geology
Timothy Canty CMNS chemical composition of the atmosphere, atmospheric trace gases through the combined use of photochemical models, satellite, aircraft and balloon data and laboratory studies, role of chlorine and bromine species in the polar winter vortex region of the atmosphere where ozone loss occurs
James Carton CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Oceanography, climate, data reanalysis

Junye Chen

CMNS/ESSIC Global long-term climate trend and variability, the related global energy budget variation and circulation change, and the effect of inhomogeneity in reanalyses on climate
Russell Dickerson CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Global Change, atmospheric chemistry
Ralph Dubayah BSOS/Geography Carbon modeling, remote sensing, biodiversity and habitats
James Edmonds Public Policy/JGCRI Long-term, global, energy, economy, and climate change
Sheryl Ehrman Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Air Quality, NOx emissions and detection; Thermal synthesis of high surface area materials for energy applications;
Evan Ellicott BSOS/Geographical Sciences Fire ecology and consequences of a changing climate; Land cover and land use change, in particular the interrelationships with climate and sustainability;
Michael Evans CMNS/Geology Predictability and mechanisms of decadal climate variability, paleoclimate
James Farqhuar CMNS/Geology Atmosphere-surface interactions, atmospheric evolution, sulfur and oxygen biogeochemistry
Sinead Farrell CMNS/ESSIC Remote sensing of the Earth's polar regions using satellite and airborne altimetry for marine geophysics and cryospheric investigations
Steve Fetter School Public Policy Climate change and carbon-free energy supply, nuclear energy and effects of radiation
Shirley Fiske BSOS/Anthropology Applied and practicing anthropology, environmental and natural resource anthropology, sustainability, climate change, public policy
Gerald Galloway Engineering Hydrology
James Gimpel BSOS/Government and Politics Human dimensions, global change
Samuel  Goward BSOS/Geography Global Change, remote sensing

Guojun Gu

CMNS/ESSIC Tropical meteorology and climate dynamics, covering tropical convection and waves/oscillations, tropical atmospheric large-scale dynamics and circulation, monsoon processes, air-sea-land interactions, and global climate variability/change
Richard Hansell CMNS/ESSIC Effects of dust particle microphysics and mineralogy on the LW dust single-scattering properties for ground and satellite-based remote sensing and climate applications, including the LW direct radiative effects of dust
Andrew Harris CMNS/ESSIC Generation of sea surface temperature products from satellite data, fundamental instrument calibration and characterization in the thermal IR, and development of high-resolution global SST analyses
Mohamad Hejazi JGCRI Global hydrologic modeling, global and regional sectoral water demand models, separating the effect of climate change, human activities, and climate policies on hydrology, and the value of information (e.g. weather and climate forecasts) to human decisions (e.g., farmers, reservoir operators).
Thomas Hilde Public Policy Climate change, biodiversity, sustainability, legitimacy, environmental governance, national environmental agreements
Thomas Holtz, Jr. CMNS/Geology Paleobiogeography, paleoecology
Chengquan Huang BSOS/Geography Remote sensing, carbon science, land use/land cover
Robert Hudson CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Ozone and aerosol concentrations, atmospheric chemistry and dynamics
George Hurtt BSOS/Geography
Ecological theory and its applications; Terrestrial ecosystems, carbon, and biodiversity; Dynamics and consequences of land-use, land-cover, and climate change; Integrated models and observations of coupled natural-human systems; Sustainability science
Qiang Ji CMNS/ESSIC Atmospheric aerosols and their effects on climate
Christopher Justice BSOS/Geography Land use/land cover, agriculture monitoring, climate and global change, terrestrial observing, remote sensing
Eugenia Kalnay CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Climate change, predictability, human systems to model climate
Michael Kearney BSOS/Geography Coastal processes and ecology, Climate change ( late Quaternary; future climatic trends and impacts), Remote sensing of coasts
Eric Kasischke BSOS/Geography Forest ecology, remote sensing, trace gas emissions
Alan Kaufman CMNS/Geology Ecosystem ecology, hydrography
Sujay Kaushal CMNS/Geology Biogeochemistry, limnology, fate and transport of organic pollutants, effects of land use/climate change, aquatic restoration ecology, stable isotopes as environmental tracers, microbial ecology
Chris Kidd CMNS/ESSIC Satellite meteorology and climatology
Daniel Kirk-Davidoff AOSC, Energy Research Center Climate, climate change, climate modeling, climate impact of large-scale wind farms 
Paul Leisnham AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Global change, biology
Can Li CMNS/ESSIC Air pollution and its impact on weather and climate
Zhanqing Li CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Radiation budgets, clouds and precipitation, aerosols, remote sensing
Shunlin Liang BSOS/Geography Remote sensing, land use change, surface energy budget
Karen Lips CMNS/Biology Ecology, disease biology, Global Change
John Merck CMNS/ENSP/Geology Environmental Geosciences and Restoration
William McDonough CMNS/Geology Solid earth geochemistry
Elise Miller-Hooks Engineering GHG reduction, disaster preparedness
Fernando Wilhelm-Miralles CMNS/AOSC/ESSIC Hydrology, water resources, climate interactions specifically pertaining to vegetative ecosystems
Jonathan Mittaz CMNS/ESSIC Maintaining and developing NOAA's operational Geostationary Sea Surface Temperature products as well as projects involving the improvement to the calibration of NOAA's broad band infrared sensors
Bahram Momen AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Effects of Air pollution and Climate Change on Ecosystem
Richard Moss CMNS/ESSIC/JGCRI Development and use of scenarios, characterization and communication of uncertainty, and adaptation and vulnerability to climate change
Raghu Murtugudde CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Ocean’s role in climate, marine ecosystem, impact of climate on human health
Raghuran Narasimhan BSOS/Geography Global Change, remote sensing
Brian Needelman AGNR/Environmental Science and Technology Climate change and coastal habitats, GHG balances
Sumant Nigam CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Climate variability, hydro-climate, teleconnections
John Ondov CMNS/Chemistry Urban atmospheric chemistry, urban air quality, aerosol tracers
Michael Paolisso BSOS/Anthropology MEES, climate change, ecosystem restoration (Chesapeake Bay)
Rachel Pinker CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Radiative fluxes, remote sensing
Karen Prestegaard CMNS/Geology Hydrologic consequences of climate change
Stephen Prince BSOS/Geography Climate Implications of land cover change
Eugene Rasmusson AOSC El Nino-Southern Oscillation phenomenon, climate change and variability, nature and variabliity of the global hydrological cycle
Carol Rogers School of Journalism Science journalism, in particular media coverage of climate change
Amir Sapkota School Public Health Climate Change and respiratory health
Ross Salawitch CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Quantification of the effect of human activity on atmospheric composition; air quality, climate change and global carbon cycle
Julie Ann Silva BSOS/Geography Human dimensions of Global Change
Steven Smith JGCRI Long-term socioeconomic scenarios and the interface between socioeconomic systems and the climate system; aerosols, non-CO2 greenhouse gases, renewable energy, the carbon cycle, biomass energy, energy technologies, and land-use changes.
R. Sprinkle School of Public Policy Biosecurity and international affairs, political psychology and philosophy, disease, environment and global development
Jeffrey Stehr CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Global air quality and global change, pollution monitoring and measurement using satellites
Gerald Stokes JGCRI Climate change, climate and the design of large-scale field research facilities, climate change and technology revolution, global change and long-term energy strategy
Joseph Sullivan AGNR/Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Global climate change, urban forestry
Guoqing Sun BSOS/Geography Land use/land cover, remote sensing
Allison Thomson JGCRI Climate change and land use, using modeling to understand agricultural, soil and water resources in the context of a changing climate and human activities
John Townshend BSOS/Geography Bio-optical oceanography, coastal ocean color, carbon cycling in wetlands and coastal ecosystems, underwater radiative transfer modeling, radiative transfer in the atmosphere
Maria Tzortziou CMNS/ESSIC Land cover dynamics, remote sensing, environmental information systems
Konstantin Vinnikov CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Climate change, remote sensing, glaciology
Michael Zachariah Engineering Nanomaterials for energy and advanced combustion, effect of aerosols on global climate change, developing measurement science for nanoparticles, high temperature chemistry in nanomaterials.
Ning Zeng CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Carbon cycle-climate interaction and modeling of atmosphere-land-vegetation-ocean system
Da-Lin Zhang CMNS/Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences Regional climate, mesoscale convective systems
Rong-Hua Zhang CMNS/ESSIC El Nino studies; Decadal variability; Air-sea interactions; Midlatitude-tropics oceanic interactions; Large-scale numerical modeling
Lei Zhang Engineering Transportation, land use and environmental planning
Wenlu Zhu CMNS/Geology Terrestrial CO2 sequestration