Wednesday, October 26, 2016

UMD Environmental Expertise


The University of Maryland College Park is truly a transdisciplinary institution with respect to environmental studies. Environmental research is currently being conducted in ten out of twelve of the major schools and colleges on campus including natural sciences, engineering, public policy, social sciences, health and communication. Within the colleges themselves, there are many institutes devoted to environmental research and education. The Council on the Environment will facilitate closer collaboration among these centers and researchers thereby raising the level of discourse on environmental issues across campus. The Council on the Environment will also lead strategic efforts to place the University of Maryland at the forefront of environmental and earth system science.    

A comprehensive list of environmental expertise at the University of Maryland and listed by broad topics is available from the pull down menu above and to the left. This list was created to raise the profile and visibility of the high quality of environmental work currently underway at the University and to foster additional transdisciplinary relationships at the University. Most of the informatin was obtained from the UMD Expert Database. Please contact the Council Staff if gaps exist.