Thursday, September 18, 2014

Green Fund Fellowship

This is a listing of students that have filled out the Green Fund Fellowship Student Survey. Feel free to browse this listing to find a person that may share your research interests!

John Liao

Department: Engineering and Public Policy
Expertise: Energy

Priti Patel

Department: Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health
Expertise: Health

Halli Sigal

Department: Animal & Avian Sciences
Expertise: Health

Mary Wahl

Department: Behavioral and Community Health
Expertise: Health

Whitney Hoot

Department: Sustainable Devel/Conservation Bio & Public Policy
Expertise: Sustainability

Honglin Zhong

Department: Department of Geographical Sciences
Expertise: Climate

yh Patt, M.A., J.D.

Department: Women's Studies
Expertise: Policy

Qing Ying

Department: Geographical Sciences
Expertise: Ecosystems


Department: Urban Planning
Expertise: Sustainability

Edward Baker

Department: Chemical Physics
Expertise: Energy

Grace Capshaw

Department: Biological Sciences
Expertise: Ecosystems