Monday, April 27, 2015

  • The Changing Climate and Health
  • An Environmental Knight visits UMD
  • Urban Environmental Stewardship Conference
  • Dean Robert Orr, School of Public Policy
  • UMERC Sustainability Workshop
  • Environmental Justice and Health Lecture April 21
  • SESYNC Undergraduate Summer Opportunities
  • Busalacchi discusses severe weather and global warming on News Channel 8

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Chair's Welcome

Antonio Busalacchi
Antonio Busalacchi
Council Chair

It is with real pleasure that I welcome you to the Council of the Environment of the University of Maryland. Our University has tremendous breadth and depth in environmental and earth system science and, as a land grant university, is committed to bringing those resources to support the work of local communities and government, and to promote economic development in the State. Our strengths spread across a wide spectrum of academic fields such as anthropology, agriculture, architecture, climate and earth science, ecology, economics, energy, engineering for sustainable infrastructure, public health, public policy, sociology, and transportation. The Council will work to integrate this diversity of effort and to develop new opportunities. The public and private sectors in the State are also deeply engaged in environmental issues, to which they too bring great strengths. The Council will build new partnerships to connect these efforts with the University. As Chair, I am excited at the...


Featured Council Members

George Hurtt

Professor Hurtt received his Ph.D from Princeton University in 1997. From 1998-2010, Dr. Hurtt worked at the University of New Hampshire in the Institute for the Study of Earth Oceans and Space and Department of Natural Resources, finally becoming Chair of the Natural Resources and Earth System Science Ph.D. Program, UNH's largest doctoral program, and Director the Complex Systems Research Center, UNH's main center focused on Earth System Science. In 2010, Dr. Hurtt joined the University of Maryland Department of Geography as Professor & Research Director, and in 2011 he was named Associate Director of the Joint Global Change Research Institute. In 2012, he became Associate Director of Research Innovations at the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC). Dr. Hurtt is involved in multiple collaborative research projects including the North American Carbon Program, NASA’s Vegetation Structure Working Group, NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System, and DOE’s Integrated Earth S

Latest Information

ESSIC hosts 2nd Annual USM Environmental Summit to promote collaboration April 21, 2015 The 2nd Annual Environmental Summit, held April 17 by the University System of Maryland, brought together environmental professors and researchers from over the state to foster innovation…
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Pulsing Light May Indicate Supermassive Black Hole Merger April 24, 2015 UMD study reveals more about gravitational dance of two black holes becoming one.
UMD Statement Regarding Postponement of Film on Campus April 23, 2015 The University of Maryland was not involved in the decision to postpone or cancel the showing of "American Sniper."
Scholly Wins 10th Annual Cupid's Cup Business Competition Chaired by Under Armour Founder & CEO April 23, 2015 Hosted by UMD’s Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, Cupid’s Cup strives to encourage interest in student entrepreneurship. 
UMD Opens MakerBot Innovation Center to Foster Entrepreneurship April 23, 2015 First Large-Scale 3-D Printing MakerBot Innovation Center at Big Ten University and First in the DC/Maryland Area
Diabetes drug found in freshwater is a potential cause of intersex fish April 24, 2015 A medication commonly taken for Type II diabetes, which is being found in freshwater systems worldwide, has been shown to cause intersex in fish – male fish that produce eggs. The medication…
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