Sunday, June 26, 2016

  • Busalacchi elected NAE Member
  • UMD School of Public Health Receives $10M
  • Climate Action Summit May 5-6, 2016
  • Former VP to speak at UMD on Future of Climate Action
  • Waters Edge wins National Academy of Sciences Award
  • Tipping the Balance
  • SESYNC Undergraduate Summer Opportunities
  • UMD Rises in Rankings
  • Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference

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Chair's Welcome

Antonio Busalacchi
Antonio Busalacchi
Council Chair

It is with real pleasure that I welcome you to the Council of the Environment of the University of Maryland. Our University has tremendous breadth and depth in environmental and earth system science and, as a land grant university, is committed to bringing those resources to support the work of local communities and government, and to promote economic development in the State. Our strengths spread across a wide spectrum of academic fields such as anthropology, agriculture, architecture, climate and earth science, ecology, economics, energy, engineering for sustainable infrastructure, public health, public policy, sociology, and transportation. The Council will work to integrate this diversity of effort and to develop new opportunities. The public and private sectors in the State are also deeply engaged in environmental issues, to which they too bring great strengths. The Council will build new partnerships to connect these efforts with the University. As Chair, I am excited at the...


Featured Council Members

James A. Carton

Dr. Carton’s current research interests focus on interannual to decadal climate variability. In particular he has done a number of studies focused on the tropical Atlantic sector. He is also actively pursuing data assimilation methodologies to combine historical observations of ocean circulation with knowledge of the equations of motion to better represent past changes in the heat, mass, and freshwater of the oceans.

Latest Information

EPA FY 2016 and FY 2017 Source Reduction Assistance Grant Program April 08, 2016 Friday, 8 April 2016 Estimated Total Program Funding: $2,200,000 Award Ceiling: $260,000 Award…
CDC-RFA-EH16-1603 Building Public Health Capacity for Drought Response April 08, 2016 Friday, 8 April 2016   Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control - NCEH Deadline: June 9,…
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UMD Researchers Demonstrate Effectiveness of New Lidar Technology in Forest Mapping June 23, 2016 A team of scientists from UMD shows that 3D forest structure and topography can be measured rapidly and accurately over large areas using an innovative laser technology.
Dormant Black Hole Eats Star, Becomes X-Ray Beacon June 22, 2016 UMD astronomers catch x-rays released by black hole as it swallows a star.
Fifteen UMD Students Receive Critical Language Scholarships to Pursue Studies Around the World June 17, 2016 Students will travel to China, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, South Korea and Tajikistan for intensive language study during summer 2016.
Falling Fish Catches Could Mean Malnutrition in the Developing World June 17, 2016 A shift in management practices could save millions of fish-dependent poor from malnutrition, according to new research supported by the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)…
Giant Blobs of Rock, Deep Inside the Earth, Hold Important Clues About Our Planet June 24, 2016 Two massive blob-like structures lie deep within the Earth, roughly on opposite sides of the planet. The two structures, each the size of a continent and 100 times taller than Mount Everest,…
For nature, gravel-bed rivers most important feature in mountainous western North America June 24, 2016 Gravel-bed river floodplains are some of the most ecologically important habitats in North America, according to a new study by scientists from the US and Canada. Their research shows how broad…